Your new life starts here! Your ideal start requires a Perfect night, full of emotions, love and unforgettable moments. Let’s plan your Perfect Wedding Party together, with our Premium DJ Services that will cover all your needs. Welcome and happy browsing in our site!


From the first to the last moment we intend to be with you. Planning, Organizing, Listening to you, Giving you Options, Ideas, Creating the base of your Dream Wedding & Step by Step bringing your Vision to life.

Let us guide you through the details, securing the date, making our agreement & fixing our appointments either by internet or up close.


We surely don’t want to leave anything in chance, so walk with us in this journey to secure that nothing will go wrong.


Our only limit is your exhausting yet happy faces, in the sunrise taking selfies, as an evidence of this Party for the years to come.

Final appointment finalization in the musical repertoire,style ,structure ,rhythm can take about ten days, a month usually when it’s convenient for the couple . We understand what you are going through because we have experienced it and so we do not set limits on the time of the appointment. So you are ready to enjoy your dream party with your guests.
Vangelis that night you were not just the dj at our wedding you were something more than that, since not only did you play music but you also had fun with us and we consider that we made a new friend. I wish all couples to have a dj like you, you mean we unreservedly recommend you you will not regret it even for a minute.
- Katerina & Antonis

Why choose us

We are not just Wedding DJ’s. We consider ourselves as entertainers.  We have a long experience in Clubs, with tourists all over the world.

Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Paros & Crete were some of our Dj magical journeys creating fun with our dance Sets all night long.

Our ideal Wedding night is a Party night, full of dance music, fun & joy for everyone.

We treat Weddings as a special event & we combine traditional music, oldies, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and new dance hits with all kind of Genres (latin, RnB, Reggaeton, Rock, New Wave, Disco) in a Perfect Mashup, always considering your preferences  for an extraordinary experience.

Twenty years of experience in Social events & Weddings means a lot to us and hopefully to you.

“It’s not the Quantity, but the Quality that matters”

We are a selective team of a few and top Wedding DJ’s and we only undertake a few Wedding events, so that we will give all our attention and perform as you really deserve.

Keeping that in mind close your Wedding Party Date TODAY…

We are not interested in the massiveness of the events, we are interested in exceptional people with high standards, through whom our services will stand out and give us an amazing result.

Our attention to detail is what makes us stand above the competition.

We want our Set up (DJ booth, Equipment, Speakers, Light) to transform the Venue, making a phenomenal atmosphere, with architect lights, Illuninated Letters & Stage light that will match up your Vision and make the extra mile for an incomparable result!

Although all these may seem enough we save the best for last.

Our Signature is our Music,  the most important element of success, recognized by all Couples, before and after the Wedding Party.

With Great knowledge of Music, unlimited number of Tracks, incomparable flexibility & Premium Setup we are the best choice you can do.

dj για γαμο καππας βαγγελης
20 Years of Experience
2000+ events
2 International Awards
100% Customer Satisfaction

Details are very important for us, we don’t leave anything to chance, so in all our Wedding parties, we have  two setups of Sound equipment, simultaneously & independently ready to go, in case of any system failure. This is the definition of a back-up System.

Also we are the only Company with two DJ’s equally qualified or if you prefer a dj specializing in a particular musical genre.

Our Light Systems are creating both a Romantic Atmosphere for the Cocktail, Dinner & First Dances time and a Club Atmosphere when the Dance time will come. We want you to be the Stars of the night and to feel like them Creating a Club Experience.

Our Sound Systems are autonomous and self-powered at the edge of Technology for the best Sound you have ever heard.

All our Sound Equipments have specially designed covers so that no visible cables are in the area. We don’t want anything to spoil the aesthetics of the Venue. In all the covers there are hidden lights to complete the decoration of the space.

Transform your Wedding with a Light Show

We have a bright Idea for you. Bring Light to your Wedding. Uplighting, Illuminated Letters, Moving light heads, Led Bars, Mirror Balls, String & Fairy lights will light up the Venue, transform the Area, Uplift the mood of your Guests, elevate the Spirit and make an uncompared Stage for your Dream Wedding. .

Ask us for suggestions according to your budget.